Zenful Business: 11 Models for Flow and Peak Performance of Work by Debbie Pask

Master your personal energy to supercharge your business strategies

For any business owner, manager or entrepreneur, your energy is the number one priority as this is your most powerful tool. It’s what gets you out of bed every day. It’s what draws opportunities to you and it is what keeps you charged up and firing so that you can perform at your best.

Zenful Business teaches you 11 models to master your performance at work– combining practical tools, techniques and strategies for developing your own customised energetic building blocks. In this book, EAST meets WEST to finally integrate personal power with the commercial intelligence you need to thrive at work.

This is more than just a series of ideas, it is a “How To” manual and a personal workbook to use in your everyday working life.

Learn how to stay connected to your work passion, make intuitive decisions and to triple the effectiveness of any business strategy.

What to do next?

  1. Read the book
  2. Decide which models you want to explore from the list below
  3. Sign up to our e-learning modules for the tools and resources you need
  4. Choose one at a time or download all 11 modules for the full breakthrough!

Chapters of the Book

  • Mastering Yin and Yang

    Module 1: Yin amp; Yang
    Learn how to balance reflection with action in your business life, so you make better decisions
  • Become conscious

    Module 2: Become Conscious
    How to move beyond the boundaries of your ego, taking control of your self and your relationship with the world
  • Blueprint

    Module 3: Blueprint
    Explore effective formulas for tripling the effectiveness of your business plan, marketing initiative or sales pitch
  • Leverage

    Module 4: Leverage
    See how to assure your business legacy, on a financial and emotional level – whatever your career or role
  • Soul colleagues

    Module 5: Soul Colleagues
    Guidance on how to connect to the people who will transform your life and help energise you
  • Meet your “naughty”

    Module 6: Get in Touch with ‘Naughty’
    Understand why rediscovering your sense of childlike playfulness helps release your creativity
  • Mindful moments

    Module 7: Mindful Moments
    Uncover the secret to experiencing life “in the present”, not rushing through and missing life’s important lessons
  • Intuitive problem solving

    Module 8: Intuitive Problem Solving
    Learn to solve problems with your natural instinct, while heightening your perceptions
  • Art of manifestation

    Module 9: The Art of Manifestation
    Master your internal energy flows, so you can achieve your personal and professional goals quicker
  • Shadow integration

    Module 10: Shadow Integration
    Discover proven methods for succeeding with your career challenges and tackling what holds you back
  • Heart entrainment

    Module 11: Heart Entrainment
    Find out how to channel the energy of your most powerful asset – your heart – for happiness and fulfilment