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  • Mastering Yin and Yang

    Module 1: Yin amp; Yang
    Learn how to balance reflection with action in your business life, so you make better decisions
  • Become conscious

    Module 2: Become Conscious
    How to move beyond the boundaries of your ego, taking control of your self and your relationship with the world
  • Blueprint

    Module 3: Blueprint
    Explore effective formulas for tripling the effectiveness of your business plan, marketing initiative or sales pitch
  • Leverage

    Module 4: Leverage
    See how to assure your business legacy, on a financial and emotional level – whatever your career or role
  • Soul colleagues

    Module 5: Soul Colleagues
    Guidance on how to connect to the people who will transform your life and help energise you
  • Meet your “naughty”

    Module 6: Get in Touch with ‘Naughty’
    Understand why rediscovering your sense of childlike playfulness helps release your creativity
  • Mindful moments

    Module 7: Mindful Moments
    Uncover the secret to experiencing life “in the present”, not rushing through and missing life’s important lessons
  • Intuitive problem solving

    Module 8: Intuitive Problem Solving
    Learn to solve problems with your natural instinct, while heightening your perceptions
  • Art of manifestation

    Module 9: The Art of Manifestation
    Master your internal energy flows, so you can achieve your personal and professional goals quicker
  • Shadow integration

    Module 10: Shadow Integration
    Discover proven methods for succeeding with your career challenges and tackling what holds you back
  • Heart entrainment

    Module 11: Heart Entrainment
    Find out how to channel the energy of your most powerful asset – your heart – for happiness and fulfilment