Model 4: Leverage

Quote: “There comes a time when you roll up your sleeves and put yourself at the top of your commitment list.” Marian Wright Edelman
Key learning: Trading time for money all of the time will eventually tire you out. Conscious entrepreneurs and business people connected to life purpose have a longer term product strategy and a legacy to leave in the world.
Key words: Content. Amplitude. Creation. Longevity. Strategy. Product. Multiples. Legacy. Teaching. Wisdom.

Importance of Leverage

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Are you creating solid leverage in your working life?


Master your Leverage

What do you receive?
No matter what career you have, there is always a way to generate your own personal legacy. Whether you leverage through people, profile, products or replication; making a committed effort to leverage your career is a satisfying (emotional and financial) experience. In this video module you will receive the tools, techniques and exercises to start or enhance your leverage plan. All modules include a variation of video, audio and written exercises.