Model 11: Heart Entrainment

Quote: “To be successful you have to have your Heart in your business and your business in your Heart” Sir Thomas Watson Jnr
Key Learning: Your Heart is 5000x more electromagnetic than the brain. Science now proves that when you energise the Heart, you become smarter. Your Heart is a second, and more superior, brain. It is our best asset in business.
Key words: Love. Peace. Compassion. Feelings. Release. Joy. Lightness. Power. Connectedness. Contribution. Restoration. Flow.

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What do you receive?
Your Heart is your greatest asset and learning to understand and respect this deep power and life force within your chest is a life changing concept. When your Heart is running on full power and open to the joy of life and your career choices, everything from sales, collaborations, strategies and marketing becomes so much easier. Master this amazing tool as it is the prize of the toolbox. In this video module you will receive the tools, techniques and exercises to deeply understand, connect to and utilise the power of your Heart energy for business success. All modules include a variation of video, audio and written exercises.