Model 3: Blueprint

Quote: “There are many doorways to wealth. Why not walk through the door that excites the hell out of you?” Debbie Pask
Key learning: Know your blueprint or life purpose and align (translate it) to your career. Knowing the ‘why’ behind your work (your own unique blueprint) and being able to articulate and sell that is the number one priority for an easy and successful working life.
Key words: Blueprint. Soul Purpose. Heart’s Passion. Path. Alignment. Clarity. Gifts. Contribution. Mastery.

Understanding and Living Your Blueprint

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Do you know your purpose or blueprint?


Master your personal Blueprint

What do you receive?
Knowing your personal blueprint triples the effectiveness of any business plan, marketing initiative or sales pitch. In this video module you will receive a step by step guide showing you how to tune into your inner brilliance. All modules include a variation of video, audio and written exercises.